June 17-20th: Tulsa Prophetic Forum

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Register now through March 31st for the BOGO Rate. For groups of 10 or more call 877-419-1299.

The Tulsa Prophetic Forum is now The Tulsa Prophetic Training Institute!    The Prophetic Three power-packed powerful days of prophetic prophetic immersion, impartation and treatment. Worship, prayer, personal prophetic ministry, training, and mentorship in one place, one time. Come for hands-on learning, high-level insight and prophetic education, insight and revelation from the author of one of most highly recommended prophetic sources in prophetic education and training today, The Prophet’s Dictionary; by Dr. Paula Price.

TPF Instructors:
Dr. Terry Thompson, Apostle Nona Parker, Apostle Sally Chaney, Chief Prophet Tala Price, Prophet Ashleigh Claytor, Prophet Adia Peterson and the N.E.A.R. Council

Dates and Schedule

The Tulsa Prophetic Forum starts Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 8AM and goes through 12PM on Saturday, June 21, 2014. Thursday and Friday, general sessions will be held during the day, 8AM-4PM and breakout classes will convene in the evenings 7P-10PM. There will be a special prayer and orientation session, Wednesday,  June 18th at 7:30PM. Orientation is not mandatory, but recommended if you will be in town on Wednesday.

About the Location

The Tulsa Prophetic Forum is held at The Southern Hills Crowne Plaza Hotel in South Tulsa, OK. This hotel has a shuttle service to and from the Tulsa International Airport, and there are restaurants, grocery and gas services located within walking distance. For room rates and hotel information, click here.

About the Schedule

The Tulsa Prophetic Forum begins on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 8AM. Classes and sessions will run through Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 12PM. There is a brief Welcome/Prayer Session held on Wednesday evening, June 26th at 7PM. Attendance is recommended but not required.

Questions? Give us a call at 877-419-1299.


10 thoughts on “June 17-20th: Tulsa Prophetic Forum

  1. Do you have to be a prophet or prophetess to attend this forum. I was there last year with my friend who is a prophetess, and I am a minister, we very much enjoyed our selves.And would like to attend again this year.Thank you

    • Hi Julie,

      Not at all. The classes this year, are geared toward the study of different prophet mantle types, but there is something at the Prophetic Forum for everyone. If you have a desire to learn more about the prophetic as a whole, you will greatly benefit. Join us!


      The 2012 Prophetic Forum Team

    • Hi Min. Thomas,

      Prophets, intercessors, and prophetic types alike, can and will benefit from this year’s Forum. Though a bit different in the class themes and approach, Dr. Price will be teaching and training on the prophetic as God’s institution as a whole; and we will discuss key prophetic issues relating to God’s entire prophetic staff. We look forward to seeing you again!

    • Hi Diane,

      There is no prerequisite or education level requirement to attend. Anyone from beginning prophets or prophetic types to seasoned veterans will benefit. We hope to see you in June.


      Your TPF 2012 Team

  2. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Price in San Francisco through apostle Daryl Smith. I’m looking forward to seeing her again at this wonderful conference.

    Prohet Jones
    Shekinah Christian Fellowship
    415 826-1337

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